2018 Garden Festival Update:

There will be no Lilac Festival until further notice.

Lilac shrub removal began December 7, 2017 and as of April 2018 work is currently underway for the redevelopment of Logie Street Park including the Lilac Gardens at which time the Park will be closed to the public and will remain so until an approximate completion date of July 2019.

The Lilac shrubs have been taken from the Park to be stored and cared for offsite to prevent damage during the Park construction process. The shrubs will be brought back onsite and replanted during the final phases of the project.

Keep watching our website for updated information as the project progresses.

Donors who have dedicated Memory Walk shrubs are asked to contact Nelia Steward at [email protected] with their contact information in order to update the Memory Walk records.

Thank you,

The Lilac Gardens of Lindsay Committee


2017 Garden Festival Update:

There will be an event at the Gardens on Friday May 26th, Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th, 2017 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m each day. Come and explore the more than 120 varieties and 16 different species of lilacs along the Trans Canada Trail meandering through the park & gardens.
More information will be posted when available.


2016 Garden Festival Update:

There wont be a Festival again this year but visitors will enjoy the beauty of the lilacs in best bloom mid-May on into June.

From 10:30 am – 3:00 pm May 27-29 representatives will be on site for tours and information.

Located in Logie Street Park, the Lilac Gardens are open to visitors year round, accessible by the Trans Canada Trail.


2015 Garden Festival Update:

Sadly, there is no planned event for the Lilac Gardens of Lindsay for 2015. Due to road development and building development on Logie Street, there is uncertainty of vehicular access to the park by May and only pedestrian access may be possible.




However, regardless of there being no Festival, we hope visitors will still come and enjoy the beautiful gardens, and experience the vast array of lilacs. The best bloom times are usually mid May to June. Visitors are free to explore the gardens at any time (the gardens are within a city park), and we are hoping to be able to give tours of the lilacs if conditions allow.

Parking is possible across the bridge from the gardens at Memorial Park (with the train display, west side of Lindsay Street South).

If you were contemplating a visit, May 23rd would be a good day to take in the Lindsay & District Horticultural Society Plant Sale being held in this park.

Pedestrians can then access the Lilac Gardens from Memorial Park via the Trans Canada Trail that runs through the gardens. We hope to be able to host an event in the near future. Keep checking for updates.