Please respect our gardens and the valuable lilacs.  We love your dogs but when they ‘water’ the lilacs they leave their mark which attracts others to do the same.

Normal dog urine is slightly acidic and contains waste products from metabolism including dissolved mineral salts and other compounds, both these things are unfriendly to the health of our lilacs which don’t thrive in acidic soil.

Most of our lilacs have been dedicated by donation so it’s distressing for donors  to have dogs urinating on their loved one’s memory and have their shrub eventually die. Dead lilacs are expensive to replace , if in fact, the original variety is still available.

All pets must be on a leash signAs a reminder, dogs must be on a leash by order. Dog leash Byelaw odt (22.9KB) City Bye-law effective date April 12, 2010 – “With more people and their dogs out and about in the nice weather, City of Kawartha Lakes Municipal Law Enforcement officers want to remind residents that their dog must be on a leash.

Under municipal by-law, dogs are not allowed to run free or be walked off its leash other than on your own property”.

“Dogs that are found at large in contravention of the by-law may be impounded by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or Police Officer and taken to a City of Kawartha Lakes pound facility. The person in charge of the dog could also receive a fine of $100.”


We monitor our gardens regularly and will report offenders without exception.

             NOT a no leash park protect our perennial gardens         Dedicated lilac with engraved  marker stone

 For more information on the by-law please call Municipal Law Enforcement at 324-9411 ext. 1212.