In our arboretum there are numerous activities involved in maintaining the gardens.

Cleaning North Welcome Bed 5 May 2015
Cleaning South Welcome Bed 5 May 2015
May 5 2015 Spring clean-up1

May 5 2015 Spring clean-up2
May 5 2015 Spring clean-up3

The shrubs are deadheaded after blooming and cleaned of dead wood later in the year.

Name tagTo keep up with International Lilac Society standards, the labeling of the lilacs is an important ongoing procedure which involves noting each shrub from bud stage to bloom,  identifying bud burst colour, petal shape, colour and form, leaf shape, and type of bark, comparing them to documented photographs, then applying the correct name to the tags.

Education is in our mandate. Visitors usually have lots of questions about lilacs. Our Open Houses in May each year give us the opportunity to answer those questions and give expert advise first hand.

We are developing several perennial beds, introducing indigenous species, and other plants to encourage wildlife, and creating other interesting areas and features setting us on the path to a year-round Horticultural showplace .

         Is it Dappled Dawn     Checking late stage of bloom and stem at a dedicated lilac     Checking leave shape & texture averton                     Compare - Michel Buchner     Looking at leaf shape & form and leaf type     Sometimes tags are hard to find            Sorting name tagsWhich species of late lilac